Wednesday, 9 November 2011


 Before giving NTSE exam, you must have good idea of NTSE exam pattern, number of question and making scheme of NTSE exam. You can get this idea from NTSE sample papers.

 Now what is source for NTSE preparation?
There are two sources available: Online and offline (books). You should prepare from online sources, because it is updated source and books are outdated. In some books there is still written about NTSE interview, but there is no interview this time.

 More about online: Student can take self assessment tests with time boundation by creating the environment of NTSE and with instant result and full review and solutions.

 What is the syllabus? Although NCERT has not mentioned the syllabus for NTSE, but you should brush your 7th, 8th syllabus along with 9th, 10th syllabus of Maths, science and social studies. Because the difficulty level of paper is high as compare to the standard of the student.

 What about MAT? As MAT is not taught in schools, but students should prepare for MAT from some online sources like from when students can purchase full package with just peanut cost having quality questions bank. Practice more and more question involving figures.

 No Negative marking: There is no negative marking in NTSE exam. So if you are not sure about the answer, you can make guesses. Do not leave any question unattempted.

 Speedy calculations: Before the exam revise the shortcuts for speedy calculations to save the time. Go through vedic maths section which is available in package of Pioneer

 Take proper sleep before the day of exam.

 Be confident and rock the exam

All the best!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


As NTSE stage-1 (STSE) exam is on 20th November 2011. Very few days are left for NTSE aspirants to show their caliber. Those students, who have done their preparation and want to see the sample paper of NTSE, can download the following PDF of NTSE sample paper. One very important thing is, there is no negative marking in NTSE exam. So the students can make guesses also.

ntse sample papers -

Sunday, 23 October 2011

NTSE exam papers

NTSE exam papers are very helpful to clear NTSE exam. There are number of books available in the market to prepare for NTSE but do we check the relevancy of those books? In the most of the books, there is still written about the interview section in the NTSE exam. But we know, there will no interview going to be conducted on 13 May 2012 (Stage-II) for NTSE 2012 exam. Similarly with the information, pattern is also outdated in those books. But students needs to practice from latest and updated sources. There are number of websites, which provides latest information on NTSE and some of them like also provides online study packages for NTSE including theory with illustrations, solved question bank, objective bank to practice online with smart solution on just one click, online self assessment tests with immediate results and review and solutions, NTSE exam papers, NTSE sample papers, NTSE mock tests for both SAT and MAT according to the latest pattern.
The NTSE package of consist of some ad on services like I. Q. sharpeners with mind blowing puzzles and Vedic mathematics for speedy calculations to beat the clock. Examples of I.Q. Sharpeners and Vedic mathematics is shown below.
I. Q.Sharpeners

Vedic Mathematics

Pioneer Mathematics provides latest pattern NTSE exam papers for NTSE aspirants. Now students don’t need to purchase extra reference books which are costlier than its online counterpart i.e. NTSE package. The pattern of latest NTSE exam for stage-I and stage –II is given below.

NTSE stage-I Pattern:

NTSE stage-II Pattern:

Moreover their time in going for NTSE coaching is saved. Students don’t need to go here and there in this over rushed  world. They should become online and technology savvy for being upcoming online generation.